Monday, July 11, 2011

Post-Race Update, Photo Gallery and Video

Extreme lack of updates there as we worked like mad to prep for the race. We're still catching up on everything, but check out the TreMoto Pikes Peak Flickr Gallery and the teaser video below.

Monday, June 20, 2011

First Ride Testing & Teaser

TreMoto have ridden the 3Z1 in three test sessions. These are a couple of spy shots from the maiden shakedown run. Initially we have run with conservative lean stops set at about 35 degrees to prove out geometry etc but continued testing this afternoon will allow us to increase our angle towards the 50 degree design target. We have also made some ride height adjustments but brakes, engine etc check out ok. Last night we stayed in Oklahoma City with Michael Ryan from USAF and did some more skipad-style testing in an undisclosed parking lot.

Also, if you haven't seen it check out the new YouTube video below. It truly was an herculean effort to get the trike built in time. Thanks again to Rob McIver, Dave Smith, Jeffrey Ferguson and Joey Trussel for making it happen! See you in Colorado Springs tonight.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On Three Wheels

First ride test is delayed until Saturday June 18 due to lack to time/money. Determination still outweighs problems on the triple beam, and Pikes Peak is "for sure". 

Unfortunately the 4-1 system and the Ti footpegs will have to wait. We'll be running stock parts instead. That won't stop us from going fast.
As you can see this is not a final assembly but we are "very close". Day jobs, ugh, why can't we build trikes full time!?
Lean angle setting is very conservative. We'll trim down the bump stops to allow maximum performance. From all appearances, the final product matches the 3D model. Steering angle is significantly greater than the original Monstrosity 620 as is lean angle. We also have less roll-steer effect and less on-center roll resistance. All this should combine for a much more nimble machine with significantly greater maximum cornering. Increased trail should make for greater high speed and braking stability as well. All this is theory of course, but with the trike on it's wheels we are very confident.
Just one last bit of eye candy. Stay tuned for wheelies, jump and other stunts.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No parts, just lean angle

Here is a quick mockup/clearance check on the arms etc. Everything looks to match the 3D model so the lean stops contact properly and the packaging is going to be tight in the proper way. "More than 45 degrees" for certain. Uprights are represented above by rear pullrods, so the parallelism is messed up. Impatiently waiting for:
These are almost ready for T-pin assembly. The calipers fit up beautifully, as much as anything I'm excited as anything just to lay into these and carry the back tire...

Waiting on bodywork, exhaust, gears, bolts, machine work, steering bits etc. Everything is supposed to be here by the weekend. Pikes Peak is so on... 


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Write Code to Metal or... Real Artists Ship

Control arms are completed and installed. Big thanks for Flex-Form for pulling through on the spring and Scott at Laeger Racing for pulling though on all the steering bits The spring won't get final assembly until the uprights are done and we can get on the wheels for a ride-height check. Thanks to the guys at Soupy's we have plenty of ride height adjustment in the back. In the front we can go 60mm or so.

Joey Trussel at Southern Machining has been saving my life this week, writing DXF code to metal. This is a rough mill on the two uprights, still a lot of detail work to go but you can get the idea of the shape for the big radial brakes and the highly adjustable steering geometry. We will run a quick parametric steering test on a skidpad next weekend and dial it in. Steering flag height will also be adjustable.
 Trunkfull of bits, but still looking for a few more. We should be on the wheels and running this weekend. Real artists ship.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Race Readier

Upper control arms are complete, lowers are very close. Leaf spring is in UPS. Upright design is complete, so next weekend I will be living at the machinists' and driving up to Olive Branch to complete the lower arms. Also we will be begging at University of Mississippi for a remade spring clamp. Maths show that our 125mph-top speed gearing will work well, allowing us to mostly utilize 3rd gear for much of the lower part of the course. We are tight on time but still confident, as we have a parametric test plan and the ability to run through it in only a few days time. It's go time and I'm ready to ride.
Still lacking some bracing at the upright-end and the spring pickup
It's a big weekend for racing so I'm off to the Indy 500. Don't forget the Monaco GP on Speed TV!

Friday, May 20, 2011

TreMoto are still Vaporware

We're T minus 37 days and still vaporware. But that's ok cause we got:

6061   This foot x foot billet will make both the uprights, both outer spring-end pacmen and some other misc bits. My machinist's assistant asked if we were going to make the race. If it's in my hands we will!

Some minor hop-up mods. We'll be running K&N quad-pods, a Dynojet Power Commander (for altitude adjustment) and a 4-1 ZX9-style exhaust. It should make 125hp at sea level, but at 14k feet that wheezes to about 82hp.

Center rocker fitup check. It's tight in critical areas, as it should be with any optimized design. We will undoubtedly be fitgeting around with spacers and fasteners to get it all working optimally,  initial impression we have our design targets quite close. When will bring the leaf spring? Where are the tie rods? These things keep us up at night, so at least there's no worry about the mountain!
We also have 430mm of rubber on the road. Know of any bikes that can say that?
All right, enough trash talk, Lots of items still to cross off the whiteboard and control arms to build...